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Congratulations to everyone that made it into this week's Top 100!

New to the Top 100, congratulations:

- Catie Waters "Moonlight"

- Kathy Kosins Ft. Hubert Laws "Fancy Free"

- Roman Street "Find the Light"

- Dr. Dave "Hey Hey Hey Hey"

- Antoine Dunn "I'm Yours"

- K'Jon "Live, Love and Laughter"

- Braxton Brothers "You Care About Me"

- Phillp 'Doc' Martin "Ridin' High"

- Rick Habana "Smooth It Out"

- Lance Ellis "Can't Get Enough"

- Jay Rowe "I'll Love You Later"

And moving 10+ spots this week congratulations:

- Brian Culbertson "Get Up!"

- Christian De Mesones "Big Tall Wish"

- Jazmin Ghent "Funk Junk"

- Tony Saunders "Tony's Romance"

- Gino Rosaria Ft. Althea Rene "Road Trip"

- Pieces of a Dream "Kickin' & Screamin'"

- Gary Honor "The Pulse"

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