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"We Can Beat Cancer": A Song With A Cause From Arthur Thompson

Arthur Thompson has released a poignant video for his song "We Can Beat Cancer. Hoping to inspire, musicians and survivors talk openly about cancer and those affected.

After a musical introduction and photos and videos honoring those affected by cancer, Barbara Williams introduces herself as a 5-year cancer survivor. She reflects on hearing her doctor tell her she has breast cancer, "The words just took the breathe out of me. But when I looked around and I saw family members looking at me and I could see support in their eyes."

Arthur Thompson speaks with contributors Erin Stevenson and Dave Koz about the project. "We've all been touched in our own way by cancer," Dave Koz says, before the video begins to play the song.

You can find "We Can Beat Cancer" apparel and drum sticks here. They hope supporters might join them in the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure. You can donate and join there team here. Find your local event here.

Watch more from Erin Stevenson discussing the record below:

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