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Congratulations to everyone that made it into this week's Top 100!

New to the Top 100, congratulations:

  • Le Sonic "Riverside Drifve"

  • Kombo "Right In There"

  • Aaron Brown "Satin Sunset"

  • Brooke Alford "Heaven On Earth"

  • Phillip 'Doc' Martin "Journey "To The Doc""

  • Roberto Vally "Woody's Gap"

  • Cindy Bradley "For The Cool In You"

  • Willie Bradley "Groove With Me ft James Lloyd"

Moving 10+ spots this week, congratulations:

  • Ryan La Valette ft Nicholas Cole "Lover's Melody"

  • Jazz Holdouts "Piermont Nights"

  • Roberto Restuccia "Stand Up!"

  • Nick Colionne "Just Like That"

  • Marcus Anderson "Reverse"

  • Jacob Webb "Treat Her Right"

  • Jeffery Smith "Happy"

  • Shaun LaBelle "Feel The Breeze"

  • The Braxton Brothers "Let's Have A Good Time"

  • Leo P "Black Cat"

  • Kenny Pore "Treasure Coast"

  • Slim Gambill "Heavyweight"

  • Nathan Mitchell ft Marcus Anderson "100% Cotton"

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