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Smooth Jazz Network's Own Allen Kepler Featured in Kenny G Documentary

"Listening to Kenny G," a new documentary, premiered on HBO this past week and the Smooth Jazz Network's Allen Kepler was a featured interviewee.

Allen discussed Kenny's early instrumental hits and how they stood out. "Tunes that made it on the pop charts that were instrumental kind of became one hit wonders in pop radio. And then here comes Kenny with a second hit [referring to "Silhouette"] and then a third and a fourth."

"It was amazing to be included in this HBO Documentary produced by Penny Lane," Kepler says. "The film really gives some great insight into Kenny G’s popularity, criticisms and his role in smooth jazz radio."

The film looked at Kenny's early rise to fame in the radio world as well as his ardent fans and critics alike. Read more about the documentary here.

The film is available to stream via HBO Max for subscribers.

Check out the trailer below.

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