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Paul Hardcastle Previews New Music

Paul Hardcastle sneak previewing rough mixes of new tunes on Facebook for his upcoming “Hardcastle 10” release.

He's posted several pieces of songs online and even asked for help from his friends and fans to name the upcoming tunes!

On Facebook, Paul wrote:

So The vibes are still working at the moment. wasn't able to do much when the whole virus stuff began ! and all this lockdown is not great BUT I'm back on track and have written some of my best material over the last two months. this is work in progress but just thought I would share it. NO IT"S NOT ANYWHERE NEAR FINISHED but I know you guys always like to hear things as they progress. any suggestions for a title ? Stay safe

That wasn't the only post either! We've got one of the clips below. The caption for it read: "Just a short taster from a new track I'm working on..."Eyes Closed" from the forthcoming Hardcastle X. Some lovely sax from my mate in Hawaii Rock Hendricks. Enjoy"

Check the tune out below and follow Paul Hardcastle on Facebook for more.

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