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London Thor Releases Poignant Music Video “Place Like This"

London Thor's poignant new video not only shines a light on a-sociality, but empathizes with everyone who might be experiencing social discomfort during the covid-19 pandemic. With most of the video subjects dawning masks we empathize with their pain, frustration, aloneness and sadness.

London Thor: “‘Place Like This’ was written as an anthem for the asocial. As a teenager and kid, I was never able to feel comfortable in social situations. Having grown up mostly surrounded by adults at my parent’s work I wasn’t able to understand the nuances of social settings such as parties. Having been homeschooled through high school I found myself even more lost after I graduated. I was not familiar with drugs or alcohol and therefore was naive to the goings-on at most parties. However, I was involved in the music and film industry and therefore was exposed to many A-list Hollywood parties where I found myself drowning in a sea of beautiful interesting people and had to learn to adapt and fit in. The crowd noises that are added throughout the song were a personal choice to really relive certain parties where I found myself feeling completely alone and out of place."

From the touching shot of a father holding his daughter to the moving moment where two grandparents wave to us from a distance, the video transitions to a more hopeful tone. London’s video touches all of the heart strings in a few short moments. Accompanied by the brilliant melody that stays in your mind long after hearing it, London’s newest video “Place Like This" emotes these historic times in an individual, personal and relatable way.

Check out the music video below.

Learn more about London Thor on Instagram.

Get the tune from your favorite retailer here.

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