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Carol Albert Releases New Single and ZOOM STYLE Music Video

Carol Albert has a new single, "In the Moment" and a new music video to accompany it! The tune brings together Carol Albert, Paul Brown, Joseph Patrick Moore, and Jay Williams. "The video was created by Carol Albert and Justin Rogers with the concept to make a video connecting the musicians and the video editing process remotely due to the COVID 19 lockdowns and restrictions that have limited live music over the last year," her label writes. "Carol thought it would be a cool idea to bring the artists together during this time. All the musicians who recorded the original track who were able to film in their home studios sent the files to the editor, Justin Rogers."

Check it out and read Albert's thoughts on the song below!

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“Tying in with the overall theme of Stronger Now, the song reminds of being free and having the strength to not only endure but to express that freedom and love of life to the fullest,” says Carol. “When I wrote it, there was no way I could have predicted anything like this past year, but as a reminder about living and embracing the present, ‘For the Moment’ feels very relevant to what we’re all living through.

“Perhaps more than ever before,” she adds, “with all the uncertainties and upheavals, we’ve had to face, we have learned about the fragility of our lives and the reality that we only have and can count on the present – so we best embrace it. Though I wrote it from a deeply emotional place as I was coming out of a tragic personal loss, I’m grateful that it can be appreciated and perhaps offer a sense of hope on a more universal level now.”

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