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Carol Albert Releases Classical Project

From Carol Albert:

A surprise release coming up for my fans is my Vintage Live Classical Album “Time Sensitive” which I recorded while I was at Georgia State University. It has been in storage since that time. I pulled it out, had it transferred from Reel-Reel to Digital Format, Mastered, and will have it available on July 7 on all Digital Streaming Platforms and Physical CDs for purchase through my website. It can also be presaved on Spotify and Apple Music. It includes works by Bach, Schubert, Brahms, and Prokofiev. If you would like a Pre-order Physical CD go to my Store.

Classical Solo Piano was Recorded Live by Carol Albert when she studied Classical piano at the University and received a Bachelor of Music Degree. The unreleased recording was recently located in storage and Mastered for Digital Release.

Compositions on the recording include Bach Fantasia, Schubert Impromptu, Brahms Intermezzi, and Prokofiev Sonata in D minor. For the classical music lover, these recordings make a perfect listening backdrop.

The album releases July 7, 2023. Pre-order it here.

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