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New Paul Hardcastle Album Already Has a #1 Song

Paul Hardcastle recently released a brand new album, “HARDCASTLE 9.” Only out a couple of weeks now, his single "Latitude" has risen to the top of this weekend's Smooth Jazz Top 20 chart.

We chatted with Paul earlier today to share the good news. "Wow, how great to be #1 on the Smooth Jazz Top 20 Countdown" Paul exclaimed. "Sincerely many thanks for this. I have tried to make this album a little different from HARDCASTLE 8. Check out “TropiCool" and "Outside My Window" I think two of my favourite recordings over the last few years. After doing so many albums I always try and mix things up!"

"Latitude" tops our chart this week, so be sure to tune in and check it out on our Top 20 Countdown, lots more great music joining it. See the full chart here.

If you want to give the song a listen now, check out the official audio below. You can get the find the album on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, or wherever you get your music.

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