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June 19th In-Person & Streamed Concert: Special EFX Featuring Chieli Minucci

Working with social distancing measures, Special EFX featuring Chieli Minucci will be holding an in-person concert at Spaghettini's in Los Angeles on Friday, June 19th!

In a press release they wrote: "We are grateful to announce that the 'Tour Interuptus,' which began in February, will now resume, at least for this one special show. At half-seating capacity we have decided to also live stream this event worldwide.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can get tickets here:

If you'd prefer to watch the live stream, it will be on Spaghettini's facebook page, which you can follow and sign up for live notifications. Check them out here:

Special EFX featuring Chieli Minucci has also got a new album out this year in case you need to get caught up before the show! You can purchase it from your favorite online retailer - links available on their website:

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