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Feedback Track: Bob James

"Topside" from Bob James Trio is this week's Feedback Track!

The tune comes from Bob James' new album "Espresso," the first album he's really lead in 12 years.

"I wanted to do this as part of a trio -- piano, bass, and drums," James said in a press release this fall. "With Fourplay and in other larger settings I loved that I could solo and then kind of disappear into the setting to accompany other soloists. To play in a trio requires a different level of commitment, with the piano being much more prominent. You need perhaps a greater degree of optimism and bravery. That was how I felt when I first got into music. Espresso is my attempt to recapture that."

Read the full press release here.

Espresso features Bob James on the keyboard, Billy Kilson on drums, and Michael Palazzolo on bass.

Learn more about Bob James on his website, or visit Amazon to purchase the album.

You can check out the whole song below, just don't forget to head back to our homepage and cast your vote!

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