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Feedback Track: Eric Valentine

In this week's Feedback Track we're listening to a brand new song, "Velvet Groove" by Eric Valentine.

It's the title track of his upcoming album, expected out November 17th. He's joined by Richard Elliot on the saxophone and Rick Braun on trumpet.

The new album was completely self funded and drops November 13th.

If you'd like to help them, and enjoy the album, you can purchase it via GoFundMe. If you're interesting in donating more, there are other reward available including signed albums, t-shirts, and at the top a personal concert. And of course you can always check Eric Valentine's social media for updates.

You can hear the single playing on our Listen Live page or tune in to the Top 20 Countdown or Smooth Weekend to hear the full song.

And don't forget to head back to our home page to preview it and cast your vote!

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