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"In some ways, I miss the days of pulling a 12-inch vinyl LP from a sleeve, placing it on a turntable and dropping a stylus onto the grooves. Sure, there were those pesky pops and clicks, but that was part of the experience. Now those days are back with some seriously creative album packages available that feature remastered analog tapes, full-color brochures and great art and photos. We recently received such a package with the reissue of Nina Simone’s superb RCA debut, 1967’s Sings the Blues. Pressed on 180-gram blue vinyl, the album features Simone in top form backed by a half-dozen session aces, including young guitarist Eric Gale (Bob James) and drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (Steely Dan). If you’d care to own a copy of this album, this could be your lucky day, because we’re giving one away. Yours in music, Michael Fagien Founder of JAZZIZ.

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