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UPDATE - Tune in this weekend and hear Pharrell Williams' "Runnin'" on the SMOOTH

Get the Hidden Figures Soundtrack

"Hidden Figures" is without a doubt a film every American should see. Not only is it an important, true story about three amazing women who helped us achieve successful space flight, it is also uplifting and inspiring. The music of the film also grabs the feeling and meaning behind the strength of the amazing women portrayed in the film. Icons of the music industry Pharrell Williams and Has Zimmer were brought in to oversee the scoring and they did an amazing job of reflecting the feeling of the 1960's and the uplifting empowerment of the women portrayed in the film. To raise the bar even higher, they brought in Jazz icon Herbie Hancock who played on several of the tunes. Look for "Runnin" performed by Pharrell Williams on the SMOOTH JAZZ NETWORK soon!

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