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Kenny G Guests With Son On Metal Band Tune...It's INTENSE

Kenny G guest performed with his son Max Gorelick on metal band Imperial Triumphant's latest tune.

Watching the video everyone is masked but a certain long haired performer with a saxophone stands out. Now, Kenny G did perform on the track but he wrote on instagram, "PS - that’s not me in the video but I do like his hair!"

Max posted about the experience on instagram (maxgorelick): The new @imperialtriumphant video for Merkurius Gilded, the song I did a guest solo on with my dad @kennyg is out! Check it out on their page! I had the pleasure of being in the music video which was a blast to be a part of. Thank you so much to the gilded trio for having me on the new album! I love their music so much and it’s really an honor. #blackmetal #jazzmetal

Kenny G shared a similar sentiment (kennyg): It was great to be asked to be a part of this song. It just goes to show you that jazz and metal can live together in harmony!

Watch the video here:

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