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The first chart-based countdown show created for the Smooth Jazz Format.  The show was created in 2007 by host Allen Kepler to give fans a chance to hear the top charting tunes in smooth jazz every weekend.


Over the course of the show’s history, the Smooth Jazz Top 20 Countdown® has been widely viewed as the place on radio and streaming channels for fans to connect with the hottest new music in the format. Since it’s inception, the show has aired in over 50 markets worldwide, and the year-end countdown is often considered the benchmark for quality music in the genre.


Each week, the Smooth Jazz Top 20 Countdown® features a “Feedback Track” where listeners can vote and share their opinions online at  Kepler also features a “Pick Of The Week” track, which he feels will soon be on the TOP 20 chart.


You can catch the Smooth Jazz Top 20 Countdown® on the Smooth Jazz Network®’s stream on iHeart Radio and LIVE365 at noon eastern time both Saturday and Sunday, as well as at various times on over 25 radio stations and streams worldwide. Listen to the stream here.

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