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Vincent Ingala, Artist of the Year: Behind the Beats

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Vincent Ingala.

Vincent Ingala is 2023's Artist of the Year! We sat down with him at the end of 2023 for our year-end BEATS magazine. Check out the magazine article below or keep scrolling for the extended version of our interview in text format.

Read the rest of the BEATS magazine here.

AK: You are one of our nominees for Best Artist of 2023. How does it feel?

VI: I’ll tell you, it is a true honor. The list is packed with world-class talent. To even be considered on that list means a ton. 


AK:This year’s Best Artist nominees are collectively the youngest group we’ve had…

VI: I think that is undoubtedly a very GOOD thing! It is a sign that our genre is ever growing and that we have a new generation of talents coming up the ranks to keep this music and its legacy alive and well. 

Being born in the early nineties, I literally grew up listening to many of the guys that I now call my friends and close collaborators. It’s really surreal sometimes and I have to take a second to stop and reflect back to being a young student of music and absorbing everything like a sponge. Music was and still very much is exciting and it should always be. There’s always something new to learn or a show to look forward to!

AK: Your latest album “Fire & Desire” has had an amazing run of singles. Can we expect a new project in 2024?

VI: Absolutely! I am thrilled to be currently working on a new album that will be out in the first half of 2024. This year has been so busy for me on the road that it’s been challenging to fit some proper time in the recording studio. However, it’s all coming together nicely and I am thrilled about the new material. 


AK: What other types of music do you listen to for enjoyment?

VI: Because of my diverse musical background growing up with a father who was a mobile disc jockey, I was exposed to a TON of music as a child. All different types of genres. I love everything from rock n roll of the 50s, to disco and soul bands of the 70s, all the way to classic rock and Hendrix. I think that exposure has helped influence my songwriting and music production over the years. 

AK: Any favorite artists in other genres?

VI: I have always been a major Elvis buff (which is its own genre in my opinion).

Other favorite artists of mine include Tom Jones, Steely Dan, John Fogerty, The Crusaders, The Guess Who, Teddy Pendergrass, etc.. the list is endless!  

AK: On this year’s epic three-week Dave Koz Cruise, you seemed to be everywhere! How was the cruise experience for you compared to past years.

VI: This past cruise was indeed epic! Three non-stop weeks of endless music and talents from around the world. The difference this year lied in the fact that it was the first time that we had ever done three consecutive back-to-back weeks. Nobody really knew what to expect, but the musicians and crew handled everything like true professionals, and it went off so smoothly with rave reviews. So much fun! 


AK: In your feature show on the cruise, it seemed like you played guitar as much as sax. Do you have a favorite instrument to play live vs recording?

VI: The saxophone will always be my main voice at the end of the day, but I do love guitar and drums as well. Instead of trying to pick just one, I like to give the audience a variety and incorporate all those different elements into my live show. It keeps them interested and me as well (laughs)! 

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Nadia Eira
Nadia Eira
3 days ago

Vincent Ingala has been named the Artist of the Year for 2023! We had the opportunity to interview him at the end of the year for our year-end BEATS magazine. You can find cookie clicker the magazine article below or continue scrolling for the full text of our interview.


Allan Roach
Allan Roach
May 30

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