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Congratulations to everyone that made it into this week's Top 100!

New to the Top 100 this week, congratulations:

  • Freddie Fox "I'm Back"

  • Andy Snitzer "Allure"

  • Ellis Hamilton ft Najee "Intuition"

  • Paolo Rustichelli "Tempus Fugit"

  • Marc Antoine "Levante"

  • Groove Frequencies "Don't Cha Wanna Go"

  • Paula Atherton "Moonlight Drive"

  • The Rahn Brothers "Blast"

  • Pat Petrillo "Glide In My Stride"

  • Grady Nichols "Night Music"

Moving 10+ spots this week, congratulations:

  • Chris 'Big Dog' Davis ft Ryan La Valette "Low Down"

  • Reggie Codrington "Three Shades Of Blue"

  • Jason Jackson "Daybreak"

  • Oli Silk "Dare To Dream"

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Soniya Singhania
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