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Tony Bennett, Living With Alzheimer's

This week the family of singer Tony Bennett, now 94 years old, spoke with AARP magazine about his Alzheimer's diagnosis.

Susan Bennett, Tony's wife, and his son spoke with AARP Magazine about the 2016 diagnosis and how he is doing now.

"He'd tell me, ‘Susan, I feel fine.’ That's all he could process — that physically he felt great. So, nothing changed in his life. Anything that did change, he wasn't aware of." She says he's even still singing. She told the magazine he rehearses his 90 minute set twice a week with his longtime pianist Lee Musiker. Loving someone with Alzheimer's can be very difficult and Susan explained he isn't always himself, “but when he sings, he's the old Tony."

Read the full interview with AARP Magazine here.

Learn more about Tony Bennett or check out his online store here.

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