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Tommy Davidson Sits Down With Shannon Sharpe

Tommy Davidson appeared on 3x Super Bowl Champion Shannon Sharpe's podcast "Club Shay Shay" talking about his experience in the entertainment industry. He looks back on his time on In Living Color with Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, the Wayans - all before they'd made it big. The comedian, actor (and musician) has some amazing stories to tell.

The podcast, Club Shay Shay on YouTube, describes the interview:

Legendary Emmy Award-winning comedian and actor Tommy Davidson joins Shannon Sharpe, bringing nearly four decades of entertainment industry experience to Club Shay Shay. Davidson shares candid stories about the profound impact of the Wayans family on his career, offering a glimpse into the roots of his success.

He opens up about a shady move by Jennifer Lopez after their time on In Living Color, shedding light on the real side of the entertainment industry. The discussion delves into the rise of Jim Carrey, offering a peek behind the curtain into the world of comedy. Davidson also speaks on his fallout with Jamie Foxx, expressing genuine well-wishes for Foxx's health, showcasing both the camaraderie and challenges within the entertainment world. This episode provides a rare and honest look into the journey of a seasoned entertainer, making it a must-listen for comedy enthusiasts and fans of the entertainment industry alike.

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