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Tiffany Bynoe: Behind the Beats

Updated: May 4, 2022

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Tiffany Bynoe.

Over the past 18 months, there has been a plethora of new releases for smooth jazz radio consumers. Singer Tiffany Bynoe has released two notable vocal singles, the latest currently on the charts is “Closer & Closer” and features Tim Bowman on guitar.

Thanks for taking a few minutes with us Tiffany and thanks for the great music! Your current single “Closer & Closer” is one of those wonderful songs that crosses several genres, including smooth jazz. How would you categorize your music generally?

Love inspired... Love comes in many ways. I express my music through matters of the heart....

“Closer & Closer” has a jazz instrumental vibe and features Tim Bowman on guitar and some great muted trumpet riffs as well. Tell us about the song’s production.

My husband and his production team the Trillionaire’s wanted a special guitar player to collaborate and feature on this track. I was always a fan of Tim Bowman, so David Kunert made the introduction. We sent the song to him and he got right back to us. He said he loved it, and the rest is history. We didn’t have to give him any instruction, he fell right into the track. Also an incredible trumpet player by the name of Randall Haywood tastefully put the finishing touches like icing on the cake.

The lyrics of “Closer & Closer” are so compelling.

I would like to provoke the heart beat of love through my lyrics. Lyrics are very important to me.

Tell us more about how you chose songs to record and the writing process.

I must first fall in love with the song before I record, so after I put a rough vocal down I live with it to make sure it fits well. I wanna say I feel responsible to what I present to the world.

How was it working with Ben Tankard on a track for the new EP?

It was incredible to do a song with Ben Tankard. A few years ago we performed with him at a Christmas event. I always loved his songwriting through Yolanda Adams. So my husband contacted him, and he was very interested and ready to bless the track.

You started singing at an early age. Tell us about your first performance in front of an audience or a significant early performance.

There were many significant times back in the beginning. I would say the first one was doing the Apollo Theater & winning three times. The other was at the junior star search my senior year at Buchtel High School. In my senior year I dropped out of choir, and my peers had no idea I was practicing. I would practice from 4 to 9 everyday for that show and I must say I tore it up.

And the third would be the time I was performing at an event promoting my single “Give My Love”. It was amazing as I was singing. I remember like it was yesterday. As I was singing I turned to the right and my Uncle Howard Hewett was standing there with a very proud look on his face. Priceless!

Tell us about your new book!

The book M.E. stands for made extraordinary.

M.E. is about others – not me. In this book, I will share some of my experiences, my struggles and what I’ve learned from them. But this is not about my ego or my thinking that I’m all that. Just the opposite. After years of very hard work, I am a confident person, but I try to live a life of gratitude and humility. With M.E. I’m talking about a new way to see and understand yourself, a way of living that will change your life. It will transform you. With this book, you will understand that you are a unique individual and that you have always been extraordinary. That’s how God created you. Simple idea, but a big impact.

What advice would you share to young singers?

Whatever you do make sure it’s part of your heart, and educate yourself on the business aspect of it. And always stay true to who you are. It’s not easy, but if you believe in yourself it will be worth it to pursue your dreams. Just know consistency is the key. It takes hard work, and most of all it takes you being M.E., made extraordinary.

Just recently I celebrated with my uncle Howard Hewett as they presented him with his own street name “Howard Hewett Jr. way” in Akron Ohio. At the same time to my surprise, they decided to name me my own sign, that will be put in the park where I grew up. Such an honor, Tiffany Bynoe Way. I’m very humbled to be thought about in my hometown, thanks to Patrick Kennedy & Juan Jones.

Learn more about Tiffany Bynoe on her website or find her on all social media platforms.

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31 oct 2023

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