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Paul Brown: Behind the Beats

Updated: May 4, 2022

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Paul Brown.

You’ve teamed up with Rick Braun for this new single “Deep Into It”. Tell us about the making of the single…

Yes when I decided to do a reimagined version of “deep into it”, I called Rick Braun to do the part that sax did on the original. Rick adds a lot of excitement to the track, as usual

Recently you have worked on multiple artists’ singles including Mark Etheredge, Peet Project, Johnny Britt, Roberto Vally, Rick Habana, Darryl Williams, Threestyle, Marc Antoine, Carol Albert and others… You seem to be mentoring the new breed of smooth jazz artists.

I do enjoy helping artists navigate the smooth jazz world , and other formats swell. I usually get called to create a single or add my guitar to their records. It’s always fun to just play on a track for someone, but producing the song is really where I like to be.

Live performance / touring plans for the remainder of 2021?

Doing suites in Atlanta in June, south coast winery in Temecula in July with Gregg Karukas, South Carolina in august and New York with my wife Jacqui on the bill as well

I see you have a gig in Atlanta in a couple of weeks. How is it getting back in front of a live audience?

It’s always a blast. The band in Atlanta is really good, and that makes it even better. Playing live is still the ultimate expression

You and I both have very creative son’s who celebrated birthdays last week. Tell us about Alex’s creative endeavors.

He’s been working for me for a few years doing my equipment on the road. We’ve been to Europe a couple times, Japan too ..but he really execs at photography and videography . He’s done covers and videos for many of the artists I produce, including mine. Its great having him on the road with me…keeps me out of trouble

Your wife Jacqui is a very talented singer and songwriter. How is it collaborating with your better half?

It’s been really fun working on her cd. It came after 40 years of not even talking about music, lol.. She can really write great lyrics and has a natural singing voice that surprised me .. we joke about it, but we think when my mom, who was one of the greatest singers of all time died, Jacqui got her voice. They were very close and in her last days they bonded.

A lot of young artists have had to put live performance on hold for the past year. Any advice for up and coming musicians who wish to pursue a career in music?

Good time to write and be creative. Do memos of all your ideas and constantly listen back to them and draw pieces of songs etc…. The buzz is still driven by songs, so writing is always important.

Keep up with Paul Brown on his website.

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