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One Year of BEATS

This week marks the one-year anniversary of our weekly BEATS MAGAZINE! So much has happened during this challenging year and we want to thank the artists, who had to halt touring, having to regroup and recreate over this past year. Thanks to the artists for giving us more new releases in the past twelve months than in any time in the SMOOTH JAZZ format’s history. We are greatly appreciative of you for your talent.

During this challenging time, we launched BEATS WEEKLY MAGAZINE to keep information flowing to the music, radio and streaming community. We look forward to continuing to do this as we move ahead and also look forward to offering our 2nd annual BEATS YEAR IN REVIEW (40+ page magazine) in December.

We welcome and appreciate contributions to our news stories and interview features as well. Please keep your information and updates coming!

Please share this link to subscribe to BEATS and let’s keep our community growing.

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