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New Music From Dave Koz

Recently Dave Koz premiered the first single from his upcoming album "A New Day."

The new album is coming this October, 30 years and one day after the release of Koz's debut album.

In a press release, Koz said, "the sole purpose of making this album was to provide a sense of hope, comfort and good feeling to all of those whose lives have been so transformed by this pandemic."

They're going to be releasing six songs from the new album in a campaign called "Colours of a New Day." Koz wrote, "I will join SiriusXM Watercolors host Talaya to premiere the song of the week on national radio. We will do that with all 6 songs each Thursday at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT! By the end of this campaign, we will have formed a RAINBOW of colors…a nice metaphor for where we are in the pandemic, in that I truly believe there is a rainbow waiting for all of us at the end of all this. We aren’t there yet of course, and have a long way to go...but intuitively we know better days are coming. We’re heading to A New Day."

If you missed the first song, check it out in the video below and learn more about the new album on Dave Koz's website

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