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"Mickey’s Tree” Short Film Sending Some Smooth Music Our Way

New music is coming to the Smooth Jazz Network airwaves soon. It's a tune from a short film that debuted at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival this year. Check out what the filmmakers have to say about it and watch the trailer below:

MICKEY’S TREE, A Forty Minute Film has been developed & produced entirely in the Sacramento, CA area. Long term Sacramento resident Belton Mouras, Jr. wrote, directed, produced, and composed the music for the film, which is his debut film creation. It’s based on Mouras’s real life experiences with his own rescue dog, the late “Mickey”. The film title “MICKEY’S TREE” is based on an actual tree often visited by the writer and his dog on their numerous walks through the American River Parkway. Half of its roots are hanging out over the riverbank and yet this tree somehow still thrives today. “MICKEY’S TREE” captures some of this spiritual and empowering energy of perseverance and hope within a world of change and uncertainty.

“Mickey’s Tree” Soundtrack will release the first of many singles starting with “Don’t Let the Music Die” on Belton Mouras Entertainment Record Label. This single will feature Belton Mouras Jr. on Piano & keyboards, Ann Roach Lead Vocals, Keith Stafford Background Vocals and Otis Mourning, on Saxophone. The single will debut on Smooth Jazz Network Radio and major streaming platforms globally in late August.

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Watch the trailer below:

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