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Lisa Addeo New Voice on "Siriusly Sinatra"

Lisa Addeo is now the female voice introducing Frank Sinatra on SiriusXM's channel, "Siriusly Sinatra."

In a press release, Addeo wrote "I sing on Siriusly Sinatra, adn now... I talk too! I actually introduce Ol' Blue Eyes! I've been a fan of Mr. Sinatra's for as long as I can remember, so this is a huge WOW for me and an exciting moment I wanted to share with you.

So now...when you listen to SiriusXM's Channel 70 and you hear a female voice that speaks throughout the day, it's yours truly. I can't describe the honor and privilege of being chosen for this incredible opportunity! Be sure to tun in and if you hear me, shoot me a message!"

Learn more about the channel "Siriusly Sinatra" here.

Hear Lisa Addeo discuss this exciting news below:

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