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Lisa Addeo: Behind the Beats

Updated: May 4, 2022

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Lisa Addeo.

Lisa Addeo’s latest single “Deep Blue C” has made it onto the Smooth Jazz Top 20. We checked in with Lisa this week to congratulate her on another hit tune and see what else is happening with the talented pianist.

Lisa, thanks for taking some time with us! “Deep Blue C” has been a steady climber on the charts and hit our TOP 20 this past week. Tell us more about your latest single.

I was out on the water one day, off the grid and absorbing the kickass wonder of nature. As I’m pondering the entire world down below the surface of the ocean, a melody started spinning around in my head. There’s so much activity going on in that fascinating ecosystem that we forget about when we’re on the surface…so I dove deeper, literally. It’s the ‘wild’ of the ocean that inspired the melodies and title of this song. When I sat down at the piano I wanted to score the movie in my mind of what was happening on the surface of the water and down below in the deep blue. I wanted each section of the song to reflect a different perspective, plus the movement of the sea. Sounds crazy, I know. But ya’ gotta be a little crazy sometimes!

2 days after I recorded Deep Blue C, I caught Covid. I got my positive test result on Christmas Eve morning, so my holidays were hijacked and any extra energy I had was spent readying the single for a January release. Thankfully, we got it done and I’m so grateful not only to have my health back, but the enthusiastic support and love we are getting tastes even sweeter after recovering from Covid!

You brought in Ryan Montano for this one. How did you connect and what was the collaboration like?

Adam Hawley produced this track and I really dig collaborating with him. I told him I heard harmon mute on this tune and he put me in touch with Ryan. We ‘talk’ to each other musically and it’s a real thrill. One of the best things about working with other artists is the creative dance we do with each other…it’s spontaneous and inspiring as we move and weave around each other. Reflecting on the last several years, I am grateful to be on this musical journey with so many great artists and I want to work with everyone! I love bringing music to listeners especially now, hoping the vibe of the this song ripples out in positive waves, bringing soothing and softening the jagged edges we all have to face from time to time.

And Adam Hawley as well…

Talk about a creative dance. Adam is a workhorse like I am and we share the passion of bringing the best music we can to audiences. He’s a great talent and his ideas always hit the bulls eye for me. I’ve been very fortunate to work with some incredibly talented producers and collaborators like Adam Hawley and Nils. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to create with them and looking forward to our next musical adventures, as well as working with some other brilliant musicians that I’ve recently connected with.

Was your recording process different on this project given the pandemic?

I think the recording process over the years has morphed into collaborating in cyber space, so when Covid hit, it brought collaborating online to a necessary and not entirely unfamiliar level. I think most of us can say we were sort of used to recording while not being in the same room, although that IS my favorite setting, being alongside other musicians. But when you can’t, you gotta’ make do with what life hands you. It’s been a journey of figuring it out as we bump along…but how is that really different from what we’ve always done? I pressed on, doing my best to roll with it all, knowing we would ALL eventually adapt. No matter what we go through, eventually it all works out. Man, I’m getting philosophical, aren’t I? LOL So back to the recording, I did do a piano only session and played along to a rough track. When I was alone in the ‘live’ room of the studio, I was able to take my mask off and feel sort of normal again. I miss the interaction of my collaborators in person and I especially like mixing in person, whenever possible. But if all we have is a living room livestream show and zoom, then ya’ gotta make do with what ya’ got!

How do you utilize social media to market your music?

I utilize social media to connect to my fans more than anything. I want to know the faces of the people that are digging my music. This is the first time in history you can interact with your fans and they can interact with you on a much more intimate level than say, any bobby soxer ever did with Frank Sinatra. Sinatra saw the faces of his fans, but most of his fans could never have a dialogue with him and that is a complete 180, which is pretty cool.

And how has it increased in importance for you?

The metrics are a testament that my music reaches all over the globe and has worldwide appeal. It’s important for new fans to discover my music and the metrics show me where they are. For instance, I have released over 40 recordings of holiday music which got a lot of airplay last season. Because of that, new listeners found my music and my fan base exploded in places that surprised me. It was great ‘meeting’ all these new fans and I love contributing to their holiday season, a ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

Are you still an avid golfer?

That stupid little white ball! haha. YES! I still golf. I love it. It’s a great diversion, very frustrating at times, but being outside in nature, immersed in some of the prettiest stretches of land you wouldn’t see otherwise, I’ll take the frustration in return for the joy it brings, whether I lose or get a hole-in-one. Yes, I’ve had one. SO exciting. Not quite as exciting as hitting #1 on the chart, but it was right up there.

What else is keeping you busy in your spare time?

My ‘spare time’. What is that, exactly? lol Some days, I’m not even sure why, but time slips away and it’s 4PM and I haven’t had lunch yet. Eating and sleeping take entirely too much time so as soon as I figure out how to minimize those things so I can get more done, you’ll be the first to know! I play, write and try to vocalize every day. I work out. I have alot of friends, some from grade school, that I like to keep in touch with. Time evaporates whenever I sit at the piano b/c I get song ideas every time and then I have to stop and record them! Then, I miss dinner too! lol

Aside from staying busy with my music, I’m part of a dance group that does small events and that is great exercise and camaraderie. I also volunteer in my community on behalf of those less fortunate. Spending time and energy helping others feeds my soul and is inspiring.

Any teaser on the next single?

I’m collaborating with Nils again...and I can only tell you the working title…which is ’Hat Hair’... and that it makes me want to dance...

Keep up with Lisa Addeo online.

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