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Jazmin Ghent: Behind the Beats

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Jazmin Ghent.

2017’s “Best New Artist” in smooth jazz, Jazmin Ghent has continued to release hit after hit, and her newest single, “Summertime,” is an upbeat, jazzy rendition of the classic we all know and love. We grabbed a few moments and caught up this past week.

Jazmin, I love your jazzy rendition of “Summertime”. Unlike many covers of this great tune, yours is upbeat and vibrant. Tell us about your vision behind this arrangement.

Thank you so much! The arrangement was created and produced by the amazing Chris “Big Dog” Davis. When he first introduced me to his arrangement I loved the vibrant energy of the song and that it had a modern twist to the original “Summertime” however stayed true to the original version.

And you brought in vocalist Maysa. Tell us about collaborating with the prolific vocalist.

I have seen and met Maysa at many different festivals and jazz events also grew up listening to her. We were both able to speak speak to each other whiel we were on the Dave Koz Cruise and she emphasized how important it is to represent women and support women within music and the msuc industry.

And the tune was mixed by Euge Groove.

Euge Groove is amazing. He actually produced my whole CD and has an ear for what works and what doesn’t. I consider it an honor to work with him and have learned so much in the process.

The single comes from now your 4th CD! It has been a busy 5 years since your debut in 2017. Tell us about the journey.

I have grown and continue to grow so much as a person and a musician. I attribute so much of my success to a great support system. My mom/manager and father have seen all of the ups and downs within my career. Being a women in a field of predominantly men, being small in stature, and being an African American, are all aspects that make me who I am. All of my CDs incorporate me embracing who I am and will always be, “Jazmin”.

My journey always circles back to The Story of Jaz, and Forever being Jazmin. I also attribute my success to the supporters of my music such as yourself and Smooth Jazz Network. Lastly I would like to acknowledge that many other artists within this format are very supportive and open to giving advice about the music business, so I truly appreciate the help of other Jazz artist who pave the way for me.

And keeping busy through this past two years of the Covid virus…how has it been for you?

It has been a journey of ups and downs as I am sure it has been for many people during these challenging times. I went from performing on a regular basis to being on a lockdown and starting school as a doctoral student in music education. I now teach classes on the collegiate level and I’m taking my own courses to complete my degree. I believe the Jazz industry is making up for lost time, so I have definitely been busy this year performing and would have it no other way. I do not take these opportunities lightly and am thankful and blessed to be able to perform again.

Are you still teaching music?

I am teaching again. I am currently on the completion of my second year within the doctoral music education program at the University of South Florida. I teach a class entitled Gender and Sexual Identity in Music where we cover common issues and topics within gender rights within music. I also supervise student teachers, TA various college courses, and conduct research within music education. Needless to say, I am busy however a good busy.

How about “Sax To The Max?”

I am so excited to play with Sax to the Max and look forward to hitting the stage with Michael Lington and Paul Taylor.

You’re booked for several concerts and festivals this summer. Looking forward to it I imagine?

I am so excited I think it is so great to be able to connect in person with the Jazz Community and also see faces that I have not been able to see in person due to the pandemic. I think music is all about forming connection between the artists, musicians, and the audience and the best way to do that in my opinion is live. So I look forward to seeing everyone at one of my upcoming shows.

Keep up with Jazmin Ghent on her website.

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