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Jazmin Ghent: Behind the Beats

Updated: May 4, 2022

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Jazmin Ghent.

2017’s “Best New Artist” in smooth jazz, Jazmin Ghent has continued to release hit after hit, and her newest single, “Get Ready,” is climbing the charts as we speak. We grabbed a few moments and caught up this past week.

Jazmin, you made a huge splash in smooth jazz winning 2017’s “Best New Artist” award and you have continued to release hit after hit. Tell us about how it felt to have such an auspicious start!It’s very humbling! I am honored to be amongst so many talented and incredible musicians. As musicians and artists, we often write music as a form of self-expression, not knowing how our music will be received. I aspire for my compositions to convey a musical story and connect with jazz audiences everywhere. The recognition of “Best New Artist” was evidence of that connection between myself and many other jazz musicians and listeners.

Your latest single, “Get Ready,” is getting a lot of notice. Tell us about the musicians joining you on the tune.

There are so many excellent musicians on my new CD, Forever Jaz, specifically in the song “Get Ready.” I wrote this song with “Jeff Lorber,” who provided such great ideas and energy. The Song always reminded me of preparing for something, and that can mean different things for all of our lives, however good things. This can mean preparation for the great things ahead or if you are experiencing the great, there may be rough times; however, “Get Ready” for the brightness after the storm. All in all, be ready and make sure to “Get Ready” because you never know what greatness is ahead.

Music education played a very important role in my youth and I know it is a priority for you. Tell us about the importance of music education and your involvement.

I love teaching! I grew up watching my mother teach as an elementary special education teacher. My mother/momager had no idea the impression her gift had on me and my career. I consider it to be an honor to have an impact on the future of society, music, and specifically Jazz. Currently, I am getting my Ph.D. in music education, and though it is challenging, I love it. I aspire to conduct workshops and seminar’s encouraging more women to play jazz music and become jazz musicians. I would also like to continue traveling internationally and nationally doing what I love, which is performing. Both teaching and performing bring me true happiness.

Please share some highlights from these past four years and some of the musicians you have worked and performed with.

There are many highlights within the past three years of my life. I received the 2019 NAACP Award for Outstanding Album and came out with two CDs within four years. Starting my Ph.D. would not have been possible without this challenging period of COVID, where I truly had to discover who I am, what my purpose in life is, and how to move forward through life’s challenges we all face.

I am humbled and Honored to have worked with – Maysa, Peter White, Dave Koz, Euge Groove ,Jeff Lorber, Paul Jackson Jr. and many others to name a few. I am also looking forward to many more collaborations and opportunities to share my music with others.

What is next for you?

Next is Graduation which I am speaking into existence (possibly a bit later than sooner). I am also working on a Gospel album and enjoying getting back into the swing of traveling playing and living in my purpose and my passion.

What advice do you share with some of the young kids whom you are teaching?

The saying I love the most is “Stay true to who you are” Everything and everyone is not for you. There are things that make each one of us unique and I realized this when I was in a setting that was trying to mold me into someone I was not. I had to realize what makes Jazmin Jazmin. I can only be my best self and version of myself, and that is the only thing I can control.

Keep up with Jazmin Ghent on her website.

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