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Heidi Tann: Behind the Beats

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Heidi Tann.

Heidi Tann has released a remake of the classic “Baby Come Back” featuring her smooth vocals and Nils on guitar. The tune is getting a lot of buzz, so we thought we’d grab a few moments to chat with the talented singer.

Heidi, Thanks for taking some time with us! Your new single “Baby Come Back” was one of the ‘most added’ at radio and is really getting some solid airplay on smooth jazz radio.How did this tune come about, and did you expect the solid response it has gotten?

Re: “Baby Come Back” growing up it is one of those songs I love to sing along to and hum in inspired moments, so I reached out to my friend, arranger Bobby Gomez to make a sample demo for me initially.

How did you connect with Nils?

Nils and I have worked on several shows last year, so I asked him if he wants to be a part of this remake and after hearing the demo, he was excited to collaborate on this project.

You are truly an international artist. Tell us about some of your travels and cool places you have performed.

At the age of 22, after a year of a stint with a band and finished my bachelor’s degree, I started traveling and performing in hotels and clubs in Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Guam.

How did growing up in the Philippines impact you as a singer and performing artist?

Music is a huge part of the Filipino culture, and I grew up in a very musical family as well. We listen to European, American and native sounds so it contributed to my preferences and has a big influence on me as an artist.

We talked about some of your travels as a performer. How did you end up coming to the US as your permanent home?

I had a concert here in early 2000 and ended up staying here eventually as my sister resides in Los Angeles, I work in several corporate jobs and sing on the weekends.

How does your life experience impact your performing?

It led me to be more competitive, resilient, self-confidence, brought depth to my performances. My struggles are my fuel to work harder.

The Filipino community is very strong in the LA area. Tell us about your involvement with them?

I try to support the community when I can by joining charity events, either by donating or performing

You seem to be Ubiquitous on social media. Tell us how you utilize the various platforms.My sister Helga mentored me how to develop an effective branding. I have a specific goals/target on every campaign that I launch. It helps that I am tech savvy as I have a background in web design and have an incredible team that helps me along the way. It takes a lot of diligence as well.

What do you do when not performing? Any hobbies?

I like gardening, cooking, hiking, working out in the gym, attend online classes to sharpen my skills. Lastly, communicating with music producers for future projects to release.

What advice can you share with young artists, who would like to have a career in music?

Just try to focus on your goals and practice. Music is great but the longevity is when you can learn the music business as well. Don’t give up and believe in yourself, success will just follow. As the saying goes “What You Think, You Become”. May God bless us all.

See more from Heidi Tann on her website, here.

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