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Carol Albert: Behind the Beats

Updated: May 18, 2023

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Carol Albert.

Carol Albert is back with a new single. Her third single and title track from her latest album “Magic Mirror”. “Magic Mirror” has already yielded two Top-5 hits and the positive buzz on the title track is already circulating throughout smooth jazz radio. We grabbed a few moments to catch up with the talented artist this week.

Carol, Thanks for taking some time with us! Now that you are releasing the title track as a single, please tell us how “Magic Mirror”, the title (and project) came about.

The project began with the collaboration online on a new tune with writers Shane Theriot, Paul Brown and myself. I went to California to perform for the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival and recorded the piano for ”Magic Mirror” while I was there. Shane Theriot suggested the title and it was perfect for my concept of the Album – self-reflection in this era of new awakenings and self-acceptance of the person in the mirror. Finally the “Magic Mirror” can be seen as an “escape”, taking you to different places a la Alice in Wonderland, allowing you to dream or fantasize wherever it leads. The project continued from there.

I know your song writing is a very personal process. Tell us a little about how you gain inspiration for a new tune.

I usually start by hearing a melody and adding harmonies to that. Sometimes I put words with the melody and it takes shape from there. The melodies come to me at different times either while driving in a car or in my dreams and I usually try to get to a piano as soon as possible to record the ideas on my iPhone. Other times I just play the piano and turn on the iPhone and listen later to pull a snippet from that.

Songwriting and recording is a very layered process. Do you have specific guest artists in mind as you are composing?

Sometimes I do such as ”Femme Flight” which I specifically composed for Ragan Whiteside to record her Flute. Other times the composition takes shape as it evolves adding the instrument that is most appropriate.

I’ve seen you perform live and I can tell that you love it. What is it about performing live that excites you the most?

I like the energy and feedback from the audience while I’m performing. Also performing with other musicians “live” is lots of fun.

And who are some of the artists that you like to see live?

I saw Billy Joel at Madison Square Gardens and always enjoy his performances as well as Elton John who is one of my heroes. I heard Stevie Wonder at the Grammys sing one of my favorite tunes “Higher Ground” this year and he is always phenomenal. I enjoy hearing other performers at Jazz Festivals and local clubs in Atlanta.

Any favorite live concert moments?

I loved the standing ovation at the Smith Center, Myron’s Cabaret Jazz in Las Vegas, performing “Fire & Water” for the 1st time at Catalina Island with co-writer/bassist Roberto Vally and Saxophonist on the track Andrew Neu, and playing special requests from the audience for my original tunes

What’s on the schedule for the rest of 2023?

I have shows booked in different areas of the country with many in Georgia, North Carolina, Berks in Pennsylvania and others to be announced soon. I continue writing new music and working on a couple of different projects.

Find out more about Carol Albert on her website.

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Victor Davidson
Victor Davidson
24 de set. de 2023

On one of my hunting adventures, I played the Magic Mirror album of songs in my car. The sounds of music merged with the surrounding nature, creating an amazing atmosphere of anticipation and inner peace. At such moments, nature becomes my refuge, and every sound, every movement in the forest seems to be part of a magical world. Often friends ask me how to choose the right hunting machine and how to equip it. I always encourage them to check out the blog for lots of helpful tips and expert opinions on hunting choices, equipment and techniques. This source of information helps me and my friends make hunting trips more comfortable and successful.

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