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Ben Tankard's “Thicker Than Water: The Tankards” TV Show Returns!

Ben Tankard has been busy! His latest single, “Just Like Music,” is ruling the charts, hitting #1 on Billboard and the Smooth Jazz Network TOP 100. The new single is actually the theme song for season 4 of his television show “Thicker than Water: The Tankards” returning on August 28th.

“ I am super excited about the

tremendous response we have had at radio and retail for this new CD and equally geeked about the new season of our show,” Tankard said in a recent press release.

“Since I am the Executive Producer (aka..BOSS) this time, I was able to use ALL of my own music for the music beds and feature music performances each episode. That was hard to do when we were with Bravo because they tend to lean more toward arguments and conflict. This time we are our own boss, own the content, and are streaming it direct to our fans via Amazon/Tubi/CJC, a first time for a smooth jazz artist”.

You can catch up on seasons 1-3 of the show on Amazon before tuning in for Season 4, streaming August 28th. and watch Season 4 starting on August 28. You can also find out more on Ben and The Tankards at

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