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BEATS 2021 Preview: Flutes on Fire

For the upcoming BEATS 2021 Year-End Review Magazine we sat down with Ragan Whiteside, Kim Scott, and Althea Rene. These three talented flutists recently collaborated on a cover of "I'm Every Woman" which reached #2 on our Top 20 Countdown this week.

The interview debuts in our BEATS magazine, available online and in print next week, but here's a quick preview of the three women discussing the single.

As we speak, your current single is pushing toward #1 on our SMOOTH JAZZ TOP 20 chart. It isan amazing arrangement and performance…. Kim, how did this collaboration come about?

Kim Scott: Thank you, Allen, for the compliment on the single! The collaboration idea was one I’d had a couple years ago, but I didn’t move on it at the time. The idea resurfaced last year when I developed a very strong conviction to champion women in the arts and empower them to bebold and unapologetic! I also wanted to address the music audience’s comparison of myself,Althea and Ragan as flutists. I recognize that we each have a unique gift and our own signature style and sound. I wanted the world to have a chance to celebrate that with us instead of comparing us!

By choosing Chaka Khan’s women’s anthem, I wanted to capture each of us in our own way as we celebrate being dynamic women musicians! I’m so honored and grateful that Althea and Ragan said yes to the call. I also enlisted a good friend of mine in the music business to help with my vision, producer Phil Davis. I shared with him my idea of three powerhouse flutists on one track. He and I mapped things out and it came out beautifully! We had a blast putting it all together and we’re so excited the world loves what we did with the song! It showed that there is no competition between myself, Althea and Ragan; only respect and our obvious love of the music and the flute!

Ragan Whiteside: It has been a long time since I’ve been able to work with other flutists (since college, maybe?) so it was a breath of fresh air to be a part of this project. I hope it opens the door for more flutists and women in the genre!

Althea Rene: I’m so happy to be a part of this project! I feel there’s a need to show camaraderie among flutist, because the flute hasn’t been promoted as a jazz instrument in the same way the saxophonist are celebrated.

The rest of the Flutes on Fire interview will debut in the BEATS Magazine, December 15th.

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