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Adam Hawley Expands Roster At MBF Entertainment

Saxophonist Jason Jackson, flautist Brandon Marceal, and vocalist Kat Hawley all have new projects coming with MBF Entertainment, Adam Hawley's label.

A press release from Great Scott Productions/MBF Entertainment explains that, "although Hawley initially created MBF Entertainment to release his own records, as he continued to experience success as a producer, he decided to bring everything together under one roof and sign other artists to the label."

"The thing the first few artists signed to MBF Entertainment have in common is that they put the music first," Hawley says in the press release. "They’re all fantastic players and good people. They are devoted to learning their craft and each one of them has something to say artistically."

More from Great Scott Productions/MBF Entertainment:

Hawley produced several tracks for Jackson’s 2021 debut EP, “Movin’ On,” and the R&B/jazz saxman’s first full-length album, “All In,” the following year. Jackson’s first single for MBF Entertainment will arrive in April.

Hawley produced two singles for Marceal, a soulful contemporary jazz artist who adds urban and gospel nuances to his repertoire. The flutist’s debut single for MBF Entertainment will drop in June.

Kat Hawley, Adam’s wife, released her debut single for the label, “Keep On, Keepin’ On,” last June featuring saxophone star Steve Cole. Her sophomore single, “Never Too Busy,” was released earlier this month and offers a second glimpse into what’s to come when her debut album streets in July.       

MBF Entertainment releases are distributed by A-Train Entertainment. For more information, please visit

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