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Randy Goodrum Returns with 'Red Eye'

Singer Randy Goodrum returns to smooth jazz with new vocal “Red Eye”. It's the title track of his newest solo album out now.

Randy was one of the first vocalists ever played on Smooth Jazz Radio with his 1983 hit “Silhouette”… In a recent interview Randy Goodrum told us "When Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen asked me to make a solo record for them I met with Dave in his office in NYC (I was living in Westport, CT at the time). I played most of the songs, in demo form, for Dave that I was thinking of using on the record. At the end of that presentation Dave asked me, “What about Silhouette? (Dave was surprisingly familiar with my catalogs and some of my quirky tunes, like Silhouette). I asked, “Do you actually like that song?” Dave insisted I do it. A perfect example of great Executive Producing, in my humble opinion. I’m really glad I did.”

Check out the new album here:

And here's the official music video fro the title track:

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