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New Music: Lars Taylor

Lars Taylor has just released a new video for his latest single "Sweet Onion"

This very cool tune spent quite a few weeks on our Top 100 chart this summer, breaking into the Top 50. We hope you'll check it out and let us know how you enjoyed it!

"Stylistically I see the tune somewhere between Smooth Jazz, New Age and World," Taylor wrote about the new song. "I was confronted with so many influences, that things come out naturally. I don't think before about it, its more like painting. But I am very nostalgic about the 80-ies, so the effects I use on my guitars are from analog hardware gear from the 80-ies and I use analog outboard gear to get that warm, embracing sound."

Sweet Onion was co-produced by Lars Taylor and Paul Brown. It features Charles Berthoud on bass and Godron Campbell on drums. And of course Lars Taylor played the guitars (nylon string, steel string, and electrics) and synth. The track was recorded at his home studio in Switzerland.

Like the song? You can get it here.

Learn more about Lars Taylor on his Facebook page.

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