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Feedback Track: Boney James

Boney James has a new single in this week's feedback track. Let's take a look at "Up All Night"!

Sixteen years after his first album, Boney James released Honestly this past September. The label says it's no mistake the correlation between titles, his first being "Trust."

On Youtube they posted: “I’m fighting the good fight to be my own artist and not be pigeonholed,” says the genre-blurring James. “With a record’s title I always try to find something that will communicate the feeling I get when I listen to it. The feeling I get with this music is a sense of sincerity and intimacy. The word ‘honestly’ really reflects how I aspire to live my life and create my music. One of the great things about music is how powerful it is. It can totally transport people. These are interesting times we are living in and the one thing I can do with the skills that I have is to make music that evokes a feeling and takes people somewhere… to do what I can to try and make the world a more pleasant place.”

If you're interested in the album you can get it from your favorite retailer here:



Signed CD:

You can check out the whole song below, just don't forget to head back to our homepage and cast your vote!

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