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"Piccadilly Circus" is the number one song of 2017!

A huge congratulations to Paul Brown and Chris Standring. The song debuted at #18 on the Top 20 countdown back in August. It steadily climbed the chart, making it to the #1 spot at the start of December.

Produced by Woodward Avenue Records the tune is from Paul's 2016 album "One Way Back."

Paul's on tour now, headed to Illinois at the end of the year and if you're in London this winter you might be able to catch Paul and Chris playing together! If you'd like to stay in touch, keep on eye on Paul's website. He's got tour information plus a new Christmas single! Find all that and more here.

Again a big congratulations to these guys on such a successful song. You can catch the full song below, and if you like, click here to buy the album.

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