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Feedback Track: David Benoit & Marc Antoine

In this week's Feedback Track we're listening to a brand new song, "French Cafe" by David Benoit and Marc Antoine.

It's from their new album, "So Nice" released this summer. You can check out the rest of the album here.

On his website, David Benoit called the album, "a collection of original Bossa Nova-inspired compositions by Marc and myself and 2 very popular Brazilian standards." He wrote, "For this record, I re-unite with some dear friends and top call studio musicians, John “JR” Robinson, Ken Wild and Luis Conte."

Marc Antoine's press wrote about doing the joint album. "Creating a powerful synthesis of their unique individual acoustic styles, the pianist and the guitarist artfully blend jubliant music, sweet romance and haunting melancholy vibes. Complementing their eight originals are inspired twists on two classics, including a Jobim samba." You can read more on his website, here.

You can hear the single playing on our Listen Live page or tune in to the Top 20 Countdown or Smooth Weekend to hear the full song.

And don't forget to head back to our home page to preview it and cast your vote!

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