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2017 has been a truly amazing year for SMOOTH JAZZ. Our network has grown to over 40 radio stations and streams carrying our programming and we've seen the return of the SMOOTH JAZZ format to Sacramento, Gainesville and another major market to be named very soon.

We have seen more high-quality new releases in 2017 than in any years previously over the past 30 years of Smooth Jazz. This year, we not only celebrate the 30th year of the format, but also the 10th anniversary of the format's first and only countdown program, the SMOOTH JAZZ TOP 20 COUNTDOWN.

In response to the plethora of solid new releases and the lack of deep acknowledgement from other charts who top out at 30 or 50 titles, we're proud to announce the inaugural SMOOTH JAZZ TOP 100 chart. This chart is based on reporters to Billboard, independent radio stations and our network of 24 full-time smooth jazz radio stations. It is the most comprehensive chart of reported weekly spins available and is not broken down to only acknowledge "Indie" or "Radar" type artists. We have established this chart so that artists can see how they are performing nationally, as compared to major artists, independent artists etc.

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