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Paul Hardcastle and I have been friends for over 25 years. We met during the rebirth of Paul's musical career as a smooth jazz artist. Paul's chart-topping hits in the 80's "Rainforest" and "19" established him as a major worldwide recording artist. What I found most impressive about Paul professionally, back in the day, was his ability to reinvent himself and create a sound that changed the landscape of the smooth jazz world. Personally, Paul quickly became my lifelong friend, or 'mate' as they say across the pond. Here's our DQ (Dozen Questions) with the amazing Paul Hardcastle.

1. What are you doing these days mate (professionally)? As I’m taking the year off from recording I am spending time running a record label its called NUA entertainment.

2. Tell us how you became a recording artist. I always wanted to be a motor bike racer but a big crash left me in hospital for 4 months ! I thought this is too painful so acquired a small synthesizer and taught myself how to play it. I joined a Band called Direct drive and made a few records then went solo and my first track was Rainforest.

3. Favorite football team? Chelsea!

4. You done some work for film and television yes? Yes I did the theme for Top of the Pops the biggest music show in the UK Also I did the score to Spiceworld the movie, plus many other television show themes.

5. Tell us about how your kids are doing musically. Maxine is A DJ in Ibiza, Paul Jnr is playing sax in London venues, and Ritchie still plays guitar a bit but wants to be a politician, Lol!

6. You’ve seen the music industry change dramatically. How have you adapted? You have to just go with the flow. The world of music has changed beyond recognition with the way music is delivered etc. Streaming has begun to dominate now and in the near future will be the way most people listen to music.

7. Advice for up and coming artists? Artists need to be adaptable and make the most from social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc more importantly they should also make sure they send it your way like I did back in 1991.

8. Favorite film recently? Girl on the train.

9. What hobbies are you in to these days? I like Cycling and rebuilding Motor bikes, I also like collecting all things 70s.

10. Anyone you’d like to perform with but haven’t? Pink Floyd

11. Tell us about any new music you are working on? Nothing as we speak as I’m taking the year away from the studio and will hopefully come back fresh.

12. Will you EVER tour? (you knew I’d ask) I would never say Never, but running the record label takes up a lot of my time.

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