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2017: Year of NEW ARTISTS ON SJN - Daniel Chia heading to the US airwaves from Singapore

Saxophonist Daniel Chia

This is going to be a year of discovery for Smooth Jazz fans in the US and only a few days into the new year, we have come across another amazing performer, saxophonist Daniel Chia. Daniel, who is one of Singapore's fastest rising performers will soon be releasing his sultry single "Cali Style". His musical influences include everything from classical music to hip-hop, morphing into what he calls his special brand of 'disco jazz'. Chia is Singapore's youngest saxophonist ever to sign with YAMAHA and has brought in super producer Paul Brown, who's influence is worldwide in the field of contemporary jazz.

Daniel Chia's debut album is titled "In The Moment" and expect the single "Cali Style" to hit the radio airwaves soon!

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