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Feedback Track: Walter Beasley

December 17, 2017


In this week's Feedback Track we're featuring a new song from Walter Beasley!


"Come On Over" is the latest single from his 2017 album "Blackstreams." You can check out the album here or at your favorite retailer. 


You can hear the single playing on our Listen Live page or tune in to the Top 20 Countdown or Smooth Weekend to hear the full song. 


If you "Hearsay", you can purchase it here but don't forget to head back to our home page to cast your vote! 


And if you're wondering what else Walter Beasley has been up to, he's got a new 'best of' album coming out in January! So keep an eye out for The Best of Walter Beasley The Affable Years (Volume 1). 



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