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Walter Beasley Hosting "Business of Smooth Jazz" Webinar

Walter Beasley is going to be offering an online seminar next month geared towards "burgeoning and current smooth jazz musicians seeking to grow their brand presence," though "lovers of the genre" are also welcome.

The webinar will be held on Saturday, August 6th at 4:00 PM EST.

Tickets are $40 and guests will be sent a link to the seminar via the email they use to send the payment.

Get more details, including how to register, from the press release below:

July 13, 2022 - Backed by an over four-decade-long career and numerous accolades, famed smooth Jazz Musician Walter Beasley is gearing up to host his "The Business of Smooth Jazz" webinar. The webinar will be held on Aug 6, 2022, at 4:00 PM EST time.

The highly anticipated event is the brainchild of music maven Walter Beasley who boasts over 40 years of chart-topping contemporary jazz charts while simultaneously edifying young minds as a music professor.

The Business of Smooth Jazz will be exclusively streamed via a link provided one hour before the webinar begins. The session is geared towards burgeoning and current smooth jazz musicians seeking to grow their brand presence. Topics to be discussed included preparation, social media, marketing, goals, sound production, and much more.

Walter Beasley has domi9nated the smooth jazz arena for over 40 chart-topping years. His lengthy list of accomplishments includes releasing over 25 albums, being a music performance professor at his alma mater, the prestigious Berklee College of Music and being a consultant for over 20 years.

Attendees of the event can expect to receive coveted golden nuggets of information and advice that the Arizona-based "Musical Renaissance Man" has employed in his career to garner decades of success. Jazz fans need not feel left out as lovers of the genre are also invited to attend.

With over 35 years as an educator and over 40 years as a prominent musical genius, Beasley is the ideal guiding force for new and existing musicians to maximize their craft as a business.

To attend The Business of Smooth Jazz webinar, attendees must pay the $40 admission fee. Payments can be made via the following methods:

Cash App (@Afffable1)

Venmo (@walter-beasley)

All email addresses should be noted when making payments and the link for the webinar will be mailed one hour before the event.

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1 comentario

26 sept 2023

Walter Beasley's "Business of Smooth Jazz" webinar is an absolute gem within the world of music. His insights and expertise are invaluable for both budding and seasoned artists. The ico-forums were buzzing with excitement as attendees soaked in his knowledge, making it a must-attend event for anyone looking to thrive in the smooth jazz industry.

Me gusta
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