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Congratulations to everyone that made it into this week's Top 100!

New to the Top 100, congratulations:

  • Justin Lee Schultz ft Dave Koz "Fellowship"

  • Tim Watson "Feeling Alright"

  • Braxton Brothers "Forever Together"

  • Von Stupart "Harlem Underground"

  • Marcus Anderson "Care For You"

  • Dee Brown "The Thing Is..."

  • Ultrablue "Maria In Blue"

  • Skunk Baxter ft Michael McDonald "My Place In The Sun"

  • Nathan Mitchell ft Nick Colionne "Boss Man"

  • Jason Morales "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love"

Moving 10+ spots this week, congratulations:

  • Maysa "Runnin' From Myself"

  • Phylicia Rae ft Gerald Albright "On My Way"

  • Ryan La Valette ft Chris 'Big Dog' Davis "Closer To You"

  • Four80East "This Time ARound"

  • Nicholas Cole "Table For 2"

  • Norman Brown "Let's Get Away"

  • Nick Colionne "Let's Take A Ride"

  • Darryl Williams ft Rick Braun "San Jose"

  • Jacob Webb ft Saxl Rose "All In"

  • Sean U "U Groove"

  • Justin Young "Forever Yours"

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