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Congratulations to everyone that made it into this week's Top 100!

New to the Top 100, congratulations:

  • Gerald Albright "Eddie's Groove"

  • David Benoit "Pioneer Town"

  • Matt Lee "Panama City Groove"

  • Julian Vaughn "Busta Move"

  • LaShawn D. Gary "Transitions"

  • Chelsea Nichole "If I Didn't Have Love"

  • Judah Sealy "Force"

  • Slim Man "3:00 AM"

  • Nathan Mitchell ft Kirk Whalum "Journey To Love"

  • Daryl Beebe "New Day"

  • Terrell Edwards "100%"

Moving 10+ spots this week, congratulations:

  • Lindsey Webster ft Randy Brecker "Stay With Me"

  • Carol Albert "Paradigm Shift"

  • Sharon Rae North "Heart Of Mine"

  • Ben Tankard "Shudda-Sed-Sompin-Din"

  • Althea Rene"Pastel Leather"

  • Nick Colionne "Step To This"

  • Willie Bradley "Rejuvenation"

  • Wendy Moten "As"

  • Lori Williams "Too Late (It's My Time)"

  • Lemek "Co-motion"

  • D Mills "Moment 2"

  • Belton Mouras Jr. "Don't Let The Music Die"

  • Aaron Brown "Hidden Beauty"

  • Miki Howard "Throw It Away"

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