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Congratulations to everyone that made it into this week's Top 100!

New to the Top 100, congratulations:

  • Jeff Lorber Fusion "Sun Princess"

  • Ilya Serov "My Funny Valentine

  • LaShawn D. Gary "On the Yard

  • Johnny Britt Ft Josh Britt "Is It Cool?"

  • David P. Stevens Ft Will Donato "Point of View"

  • Brandon Marceal "Keep Movin'"

  • Tom Braxton "Sharon's Groove"

  • Michael J. Thomas "The OG Bounce"

  • Bill Heller "March Forth"

Moving 10+ spots this week, congratulations:

  • Oli Silk "Out to Lunch"

  • Deepak Thettu "Follow Your Heart"

  • David Benoit "A Midnight Rendezvous"

  • Ben Tankard "Soulfood Sunday"

  • Randal Clark "New Day"

  • Kimberly Brewer "No More Pain"

  • Mariah. "Material Girl"

  • Lawson Rollins "Free to Fly"

  • Jeff Bradshaw Ft Amber Navran "Betta"

  • Frank McComb "I Gotta Pinch Myself"

  • Nestor Torres "Thank You Willie"

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