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Singers of Summer - Smooth Vocals Hitting the Airwaves

This past month, we’ve seen a flurry of excellent smooth jazz vocal releases. Some are already making waves on the charts and several are just releasing over the next couple of weeks.

This week alone, we’re adding the amazing and much anticipated singles from Castella, Kathy Kosins. Plus ,we are very excited about an artist new to our network, Phyllis Domingue, who’s debut single “Don’t Give Up” is absolutely wonderful. We’re also very enthusiastic about all of the upcoming new releases listed later in this article.

This is a brief recap of just some of the noteworthy smooth vocals currently hitting the airwaves of the SMOOTH JAZZ NETWORK.

Check out these smooth vocals! If you’re searching for any of these tunes, please feel free to reach out to We are happy to share WAV files.

June singles:

London Thor “Trust”

Jason Peterson DeLaire “Love Can Heal The World”

Catie Waters “California Stars”

Michelle Brooks Thompson “Woman First”

Rodney Block ft. DeShawn Harris “Why I Love You”

Just Released and Coming Soon:

Spur Of The Moment “In Too Deep”

Castella “I’m So Glad We Met”

Kathy Kosins “Don’t Get Me Started”

Phyllis Domingue “Don’t Give Up”

E-Tons ft. Audrey Maupin “NuDay”

T Bear “Cab Calloway”

Leo Sidran “Trying Times”

Rhythm Tribe “Goodnight”

Hil St. Soul with Noel Gourdin “Blessed”

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