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Kimberly Brewer: Behind the Beats

Each week we'll take you 'Behind the Beats' to learn more about the artists that play on our airwaves. This week: Kimberly Brewer.

Kimberly Brewer’s new single “No More Pain” featuring Maysa is getting a lot of buzz in smooth jazz radio. We grabbed a few moments with Kimberly this week’s BEATS!

Kimberly, congratulations on the single! We are loving here at SJN and wanted to share some time with you and our BEATS readers. How did the new single “No More Pain” come about and how did you and Maysa connect?

I’ve actually known Maysa for years. We met in College. We both attended Morgan State University. We were in the Morgan State Choir together.

I wrote “No More Pain” and I knew it needed her voice. Maysa is one of my best friends and I’m so honored that she agreed Bless the 2nd verse for me.

How was it working with producer Chris “Big Dog” Davis?

Maysa actually introduced me to Chris “Big Dog Davis”. They needed lyrics for Maysa’s song titled “When you touch me”. I was happy to oblige with the first and second verse. Christopher is an amazing producer and an awesome person in general. It was and always is such a pleasure to work with him.

Although you are relatively new to the smooth jazz world, your career has been impressive. Tell us about your work with Stevie Wonder.

I am new to Smooth Jazz and I’m still a work in progress. I started out as a background singer with Miki Howard. While on a break from her gig I learned that Stevie Wonder was auditioning for background singers. I was so Blessed to work with him as a singer, producer and writer for many years. Those years were the best part of my musical education.

And you’ve worked with several superstars from the pop music world….

I’ve basically always walked right into my Blessings. I didn’t have a manager but opportunities just seem to find me. I’ve sung with, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Babyface, K.D Lang, Rick James,Teena Marie, Luther Vandross,George Michael, Earth, Wind & Fire….

You are both a singer and songwriter. Tell us about your writing process.

My songwriting process is pretty simple. Most of the time I just start by singing what’s on my mind then I create a basic track to send to a producer like Chris “Bog Dog” Davis or Byron Miller so they can create the real track.

And you’ve had some film experience…

My film experience is not very extensive. I had been working with Steven Segal on a music project. He called me and asked if I was available to work. I thought I was going to meet him at a music studio It turned out to be the film set for his Movie “Ticker”. I played a singer in the band. I also recorded “If she breaks your heart” for The Spike Lee film “Jungle Fever”. It was written by Stevie Wonder.

When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing or writing so I guess I’ve always wanted to be a singer. My mother said when I was born the Doctor said she’s tiny but she has a swell set of lungs. I don’t know if that would be considered singing but I was making a joyful noise!

Any advice for up-and-coming singers or songwriters?

The advice that I would give to up and coming singers is simple “Never Give Up”!

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