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Introducing Vocalist Jordana Talsky

Every so often, we’ll focus our “In The News” feature on an artist who we feel is innovative, noteworthy, compelling and a perfect fit for our smooth jazz genre. Jordana Talsky, we feel, fits all of those classifications. Her new single “OH YEAH” is being added this week to the SMOOTH JAZZ NETWORK and DAVE KOZ RADIO SHOW.

As with all vocalists on smooth jazz radio, Jordana is a multi-genre influenced singer and songwriter. She is also known for something called vocal looping. All of the songs on her new EP “ZAHAVA” are completely created with only her voice and sounds made by her body.

At live performances, Jordana accompanies herself by voice with a Roland Boss RC505 loop station. Her ethos is to incorporate digital means into live performance in an organic way, and with the loop machine, she creates a choir on the spot with no pre-recorded parts. Jordana weaves unique interpretations of covers with original material. Her vocal loop song, “RUN”, was a judge’s pick for finalist in 2018 CBC Searchlight Contest (Canada). Other accolades include finalist placements in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition, Julian Award for Emerging Canadian Artists and Toronto Independent Music Awards. She has toured across Canada, Europe, and in 2019 was featured as an emerging artist at Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival in Milwaukee as part of her first U.S. tour. Jordana has enjoyed widespread worldwide airplay of her earlier releases “Neither of Either” and “Standard Deviation."

Keep up with Jordana Talsky on social media, here.

Check out Jordana’s music video for “OH YEAH”

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dromond melody
dromond melody
04. Juni

Using the loop machine, she is able to build a choir on the spot without using any pre-recorded pieces. Her philosophy is to blend digital methods into live performance in a way that is organic. geometry dash online

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Gabriel Divine
Gabriel Divine
17. Mai

That's amazing news! Jordana Talsky sounds like an incredibly talented and innovative artist at my location

Gefällt mir
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